There are many ways that we use our training as physical therapists to keep clients healthy and active with our Sustained Optimal Performance program. Our program is cash-based and may even qualify for distribution of payment from your HSA account for prevention and wellness services. When you see us, we’ll discuss your goals, perform an assessment that will focus our efforts on your movement problems, strength deficits, and cardiovascular health, and make specific recommendations for a comprehensive program and follow-up as needed.

If you find yourself unsure of how to get fit or stay fit, or need some specific recommendations for your fitness and mobility program, call us to schedule an assessment for our Sustained Optimal Performance program. Let us assess your status, understand your goals.

Sustained Optimal Performance Visits

Assessment – $150
Follow-up – $90

Sustained Optimal Performance Packages*

4 Annual Visits – $340
6 Annual Visits – $500
12 Annual Visits – $975

*Packages available after the initial assessment.