Pelvic Health Conditions Can Affect Anyone

Both men and women can be affected by a variety of different pelvic health conditions. Women may find some conditions common during and after pregnancy, while men may experience conditions when recovering from certain types of cancer. Both men and women may experience pelvic health conditions during normal aging. It’s important to know that pelvic health issues can affect anyone, and that everyone deserves better pelvic health.

Common Pelvic Health Conditions We Treat Include            (But Are Not Limited To):

  • Myofascial Pelvic Pain
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Stress, Urge, and Mixed Urinary Incontinence
  • Pregnancy and Post-Partum Care
  • Core Stabilization Issues
  • Gut & Bowel Health
  • Persistent Low Back and SI Joint Pain
  • Orthopedic Causes of Pelvic Pain
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Abdominal Scar Adhesion

What to Expect at Your First Pelvic Health Visit:

You’ll be greeted by our welcoming front desk team, and may complete necessary paperwork. Your provider will complete a detailed history intake. You’ll have a 1-hour evaluation in a comfortable, private setting. Your provider will discuss the internal and external exam process and answer any questions.  You will receive a total body movement assessment, with emphasis focusing on your low back, core musculature, hips, and breathing pattern. Your provider will discuss a treatment plan for future visits, as well as any at-home exercises to perform between visits. You’ll be able to ask any questions you have during your visit.

Our Philosophy & Practice:

At Body One PT, we emphasize education – both continuing education and training for our providers, and ensuring our patients understand their condition and are comfortable with their treatment plans. We are a patient-centric practice, and locally-owned and operated; meaning instead of receiving treatment in a large gym setting with other patients, you’ll benefit from our one-on-one attention and comfortable patient rooms. For our pelvic health patients, we believe in working with your OB/GYN and/or urologist to provide the best possible care.