Preventive Physical Therapy Exam

Our annual Physical Therapy Exam is a comprehensive, whole-body musculoskeletal evaluation that will provide you with specific recommendations, based on both your personal goals and your healthcare provider’s suggestions. During your annual PT check-up, your PT screens for conditions that may require consultation with your primary-care physician. It also provides an individualized examination and evaluation of your body and musculoskeletal condition in the context of your specific goals. An annual PT exam develops a trusted relationship between you and your Physical Therapist, that creates an open line of communication – and a baseline of your health, should you sustain a future injury.

Who Should Get an Annual PT Exam?

We recommend that everyone schedule an annual visit with their Physical Therapist to help them continue leading a better and healthier life! Whether you consider yourself athletic, active, needing a change, or a candidate for rehabilitation – an annual exam with a personal goal program is right for you.

The Importance of Preventive Health

Preventive medicine is a critical component to your long-term health, no matter your age. When it comes to your body and overall wellness, it’s vital to regularly check in with your health care providers. With our annual Physical Therapy Exam, Body One Physical Therapy has a unique opportunity to partner with you for your health, wellness, and exercise goals. While an Annual PT Exam is not typically covered by insurance, this is an important investment in your overall wellness. If problems are identified during your exam, subsequent visits can be billed to insurance.

Benefits of an Annual PT Exam Include:

  • Whole-body evaluation and assessment of range-of-motion, flexibility, balance, strength, endurance,                                    performance, and more.
  • Recommendations for maintaining or improving healthy movement patterns.
  • Specialist evaluation of any specific concerns related to your musculoskeletal system.
  • Discussion regarding your goals for exercise/fitness and how to achieve them.
  • Injury prevention recommendations.
  • Individualized home exercise program and/or recommendations for  specialized programs offered by Body One            Physical Therapy.
  • Building a relationship between you and your Physical Therapist.

Give the Gift of an Annual PT Exam:

Looking for that perfect gift for someone who has everything? Contact us today to schedule an appointment or pre-purchase the gift of an Annual PT Exam for your loved one. Pre-payment can be made online, over the phone or in person (at any of our locations) and will be applied to the visit on the actual date of service. Contact us today to inquire or schedule your Annual PT Exam and print the Gift Card below to give the gift that helps your loved one meet their physical health and fitness goals with confidence!

The cost of a pre-paid Annual PT Exam with personal Home Exercise Plan is $150.00

To give your gift online: Use the Pay Your Bill link at the top of this page and pre-pay using coupon code ANNUALPT along with the recipient’s full name in the ‘Account Number and Patient Name’ field.  Enter your email address to generate a receipt and so that we may contact you with any questions.  Then click on the link below to generate a gift card.